Schwalbe are the finest tires in the World. We wouldn’t use anything else. In 1973 Ralf Bohle imported bicycle tires from Korea to Germany for the first time. These were called Swallow. In these days, Germany was the biggest and most important market. For this reason “swallow” was translated into German, i.e. Schwalbe.

Surf & Turf

Surf & Surf & Turf is a trusted choice for instant shelters, tents and event branding. For over 15 years, we have been supplying custom marquees, gazebos, canopies and awnings to clients in a cross-section of industries, designed and tested by our experts.
Our team can help you find a shelter that’s the perfect size, design and price for your business

Ultimate USE

Ultimate USE are a British company that design and manufacture everything in their factory here in the UK. Specialising in high-end components including handlebars, stems and seat posts, in recent years they have also become world leaders in lights with their Exposure Lights range.

British Cycling

British Cycling is the governing body for cycling in the UK, organising events and representing the interests of cyclists. Escape from the real world and experience hills, trails and nature on two wheels with mountain biking.

Whether it is the endurance and technical skill of cross-country, the speed and raw nerve of downhill, the explosive, elbow-to-elbow spectacle of four cross, or even a family trail ride; mountain biking offers something for everyone.


Sqorz is well recognised in the BMX world, but we are excited to introduce the system to Mountain Biking and 4X in 2024. Race information including race numbers and finish results will be uploaded directly to your mobile phone whilst overall series points will be live after the last rider crosses the finish line.


Original Bike Racks and Stands for Inside VAN, HOME, FLAT, or WORKSHOP. Lovingly family made in the UK. Freestanding, folding, and instantly adjustable to fit any bike.

Created initially as a solution to our own family bike-van problem, the BikeStow Original “blurs the lines between designer furniture and logistics” (MBR). Patented and registered design, it is “exceptionally well designed… simple to use and works brilliantly” (MBUK).


Founded in 2012 in California, USA, Jackery was born with a vision to offer green energy to everyone, everywhere. In 2016, Jackery launched the its first outdoor portable power stations and, two years later, developed its first portable solar panels. Having introduced its solar generators to the great outdoors, Jackery fulfills the power needs of every nature-lover, inspiring them to explore further and seek more extraordinary experiences than before.