Redhill Rd7 Preview 2018

during round 4 of The 2017 Schwalbe British 4X Series at Redhill Extreme, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom on June 25 2017. Photo: Charles A Robertson

Schwalbe British 4X Series 2018 – Round 7:

This Sunday, 2nd September, sees the Schwalbe British 4X Series travelling to Redhill in Gloucestershire for the final round of the 2018 Series. The popular track in Redhill will provide a fantastic end to what has been a great 2018 series. Katy Curd and Jake Ireland along with the team at Redhill have been working nonstop over the last few weeks to ensure that the track is in prime condition and ready for the riders to do battle. The track is perfect for spectators as there is always a great atmosphere and they are able to get close to the action.

The great thing with 4X is that every single race could be the race of the day. From riders who are 10 years old up to riders who are 70 years old, 4X is the Mountain Bike sport that can provide excitement and entertainment from the least expected moment!


When it comes to the Elites though, these are our picks:

Women’s 4X racing has gone through quite a transition over the course of the last few seasons and 2018 has been one of the strongest ever years. Tyde D’Souza will enter the race as the favourite after a great 2018 season. Strong competition will come from Megan Wherry. Also remember to cheer on Natasha Bradley who will be racing against the senior men and denting more than a few egos…..

In the men’s, the title is still up for grabs and is a battle between 4 riders. One of the 4 is defending champion Will Evans and he will be looking to end his season with a win to put himself in contention for the overall. Rookie, Dec Willicombe has had a great year winning two rounds and currently leads the series points. Davi Roberts has also won 2 rounds in 2018 and is very close in points to Dec. The final contender is former champion Scott Beaumont. After winning the last round at Falmouth, Boom Boom is now back in mathematical contention. Another former champion Duncan Ferris will always come out swinging and will want to end the year with a win. Throw into the mix Alex Metcalfe, Hudson brothers, Charlie Currie and Ben Jones and it will be a great battle all day.

The 2018 Schwalbe British 4X Series has been fantastic and the titles in most categories are all up for grabs. There will be lots of new faces, a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and a great race track to end the series in style. If you ever thought, I’d like to give 4X a go, but I’m not sure – well the wait is over. Everyone who has ever ridden Redhill loves the place. The track is great for beginners and elite riders and with the track being open all day Saturday, you can get a full weekend of riding and experience in 4X.



Race entry in advance is £30 or £40 on the day. Enter the race:


Red Hill Extreme
Elton Farm
Elton Road
GL14 1JU

Camping is available on site.


Saturday 1st September:
The track is open and you have to pay the riding fee of £5 to Redhill.

Sunday 2nd September:

Please note that these times are provisional and the organizers reserve the right to alter them.

  • 09.30 – Open Practice
  • 10.30 – Gate Practice – Fun, Big Fun, Juvenile, Youth, Master, Veteran, Females
  • 11.00 – Gate Practice – Junior, Senior & Pro Elite
  • 11.30 – Lunch Break
  • 12.00 – Racing starts
  • Moto 1,2,3
  • Runs offs will be used after motos if required (due to 2 or more riders tying on points)
  • 1/8 Finals (33 Minimum number of riders required in a class)
  • 1/4 Finals (17 Minimum number of riders required in a class)
  • Semi Finals (9 Minimum number of riders required in a class)
  • Finals
  • 4.30pm – Presentations


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