Rules for British 4x Series

British 4X Series (B4XS) rules

4X regulations are laid out in the current 2013 British Cycling and UCI handbook. Further additions series specific regulations are listed below.

These are the 2013 rules that Nakedracing Events insist on at each of their races.

Important – Rule Change for 2013

You must have two working brakes on your bike.

Penalties are shown in brackets ().

1)         Age categories

1.1        No Category changes are allowed during the season.

1.2        British Cycling age categories are defined by your year of birth, not your month of birth. For example, the Juvenile age category is 13 to 14 years old. If you are 12 now but 13 at your next birthday this year, you are in Juvenile.  The same applies to all age based categories.  See below:

  • Fun 13 to 16 Riders must be in the year of their 13th or 16th birthdays.
  • Big Fun – Riders must be in there 17th year or older.
  • Rippers Riders must be in the year of their 10th, 11th or 12th birthdays.
  • Juvenile – Riders must be in the year of their 13th or 14th birthday.
  • Youth – Riders in the year of their 15th or 16th birthdays.
  • Junior – Riders in the year of their 17th or 18th birthdays.
  • Senior – Riders in the year of their 19th birthday then the Senior category is the appropriate aged based category.
  • Master – For riders aged 30 to 39.
  • Veteran – For riders aged 40+
  • Elite  A rider may apply to race from the year of their 17th birthday.  Any rider racing Elite must stay Elite at the National Championships


2)         Series Rules and Penalties

2.1        No headphones/i-pods/personal music systems whilst on course. Penalty = disqualification

2.2        Racing in wrong category = disqualification

2.3        Not signing on before practising the course = unable to ride or race

2.4        Riding the course without being entered = one year ban from Nakedracing Events

2.5        Failure to sign on before registration closes at 11:00a.m = Unable to ride or race

2.6        Riding the course outside designated practise and race times (Unable to ride or race)

2.7        No defacing number boards. The number boards remain the property of B4XS until the end of your race season. (£5.00 to replace your number board)

2.8        Helmet cameras must not be worn or attached during seeding or race runs. Penalty = disqualification

2.9        Helmet strap undone first time = Warning possible disqualification

2.10      Helmet strap undone second time = Disqualified from riding for the remainder of the weekend, number board removed and returned to registration

2.11      Helmet strap not properly attached first time = Held in finish arena until Commissaire speaks to you

2.12      Helmet strap not properly attached second time = Disqualified from Moto/round

2.13      Skinsuits or lycra shorts may not be used

2.14      Peaks must be correctly attached to your helmet as the manufacturer intended.

2.15      Under suspicion of theft, the police will be called and you will be detained until their arrival.

2.16      Anti-social behaviour, vandalism, riding mini-bikes, motorbikes, driving recklessly at the event = disqualification

2.17      Acts of violence, intimidation or vandalism will receive a life time ban from Nakedracing events.



3)         Cancellation of Nakedracing Events:

If you wish to cancel a booking please note the following cancellation conditions:

3.1        29 days notice = full refund of entry fee less a £10.00 admin charge

3.2        15-28 days notice = 50% refund of entry fee less a £10.00 admin fee

3.3        14 days or less notice = no refund

3.4        Transfers under 7 days notice are not accepted

3.5        Transfers for 8 days or more will be processed

3.6        All emails must be received by our deadline which is 3pm on the Friday.

3.7        Please email please note we will not deal with any cancellations over the phone.

3.8        Nakedracing Events reserves the right to modify or cancel any event in the case of unforeseen circumstances. These include: cancellation of event beyond the control of the organiser due to weather, uncontrolled acts of God, violence, civil disobedience and war

3.9        If a Nakedracing event is cancelled, we will not be liable for costs of travel fares, hotels, or any other expenses that may be incurred

3.10      It is your responsibility to ensure the race is going ahead before travelling. We will do our best to inform you if the race has to be cancelled, but we do not accept liability if we are unable to contact you. We strongly advise that you check before making travel and accommodation arrangements

3.11      Please follow the British 4X on Facebook to ensure you are kept up to date

3.12      If an event is cancelled, a refund or  a transfer of entry fee is not possible

3.13      By registering to attend a Nakedracing Event you have confirmed that you have read and understood our cancellation policy and have read and fully understand the BC and UCI rules and penalties


Illegal Drugs Policy:

We run a zero tolerance policy on illegal drugs. If we suspect you are in possession of or using illegal drugs we will ask you to leave the venue and the Police may well be called.


Please note this list is none exhaustible and we reserve the right to add or amend the rules at any time.