2021 Schwalbe British 4X Series

round 2 of The Schwalbe British 4X Series at Hales Bowl, Harthill, Cheshire, United Kingdom on April 16 2017. Photo: Charles A Robertson

The 2021 Schwalbe British 4X Series fires back into action in May, after what has been an extremely tough year, as riders patiently waited for this moment!

The 7 round series in 2021, will visit 4 of the best 4X venues across the UK, as riders battle to see who will win the overall series titles. 4X National Championships will also return in August to crown the Champions in each category.

Year after year, British 4X provides action and drama that is exciting and unpredictable. We are looking forward to more of the same in 2021. Dates and Venues:

Round 1 & 2 – Harthill, Cheshire: 29th,30th May
Round 3 & 4 – Falmouth, Cornwall: 3rd,4th July
Round 5 – Redhill, Gloucestershire: 31st July
Round 6 & 7 – Afan, South Wales: 4th,5th September
National Championships – Redhill, Gloucestershire: 1st August

Series organiser Chris Roberts said: “2021 will be a great year of racing, with major track improvements at Redhill and continued improvements and lots of hard work taking place at all this season’s tracks. A new club structure for British 4X, means riders will now be able to select which club they race for as we move towards building a regional 4X structure in the near future.

We look forward to welcoming new riders especially those from BMX who have been riding more mountain bikes in the last 12 months. A huge thanks for the continued support from Schwalbe. Thanks to them we are able to offer a £1000 prize fund for the best 4X club of 2021.”

Entries for the series will open on the British Cycling website on 12th April 2021

We will also be organising dig days and open days to ride the tracks in the coming weeks please keep any eye on our social media for info of these dates.

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